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I’ve been eagerly awaiting Dragon Age: Inquisition for four years and it’s release is only a few months away. Mages have always been my favourite class, so I’m counting down with illustrations of the upcoming mage companions.

Dorian is first up, naturally. I painted him manipulating water because, damn it, I want some water spells!


Anonymous asked:

please say some nice things about loghain. do you have any inqusition headcanons for him~?


>:D yes

  • I have this headcanon that Loghain’s in Orlais having to deal with the most two-faced, fancy-dancy, “Orlesian” Orlesians ever born 
  • He hates every moment of his time with said Orlesians, but he has a few fellow wardens that make him feel a little more at home and they often discuss combat and war tactics
  • If Cousland married his daughter, he often exchanges letters with them (Cousland and Anora) or well did, until the Warden disappeared…and he’s very worried about his son-in-law
  • If Alistair or no one at all married his daughter, he only exchanges a couple letters here and there with Anora but otherwise keeps to himself
  • Loghain is often tasked with training new recruits
  • Loghain ends up having to punch many spoiled noblemen because they don’t know the first thing about being a warden

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